Introduction to Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) and Global Public Health

Thailand: Introduction to Communication Sciences &
Disorders (CSD) and Global Public Health
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Thailand: Introduction to Communication Sciences & Disorders and Global Public Health

This two-week program is based in Thailand and is intended for undergraduate college students ages 18 and up who are interested in pursuing a career in speech-language pathology, health care, education, public health, and other related fields. This program is ideal for students who are new to a communicative disorders, communication sciences & disorders or related major, thinking of switching to one, or attend a university without a CD or CSD undergraduate major.

Why: Speech-Language Pathology is a fast growing and sought after career field and undergraduate degrees into this specialty field have expanded to more than 300 programs in the USA alone. U.S. News and World Report recently rank Speech-Language Pathologists one of the top 10 best Jobs. Our program in Thailand was designed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and global public health professionals as an exciting introduction to the field of communication sciences & disorders and global public health. Whether or not you are still deciding what to major in or if you have already decided on a major or minor in communication sciences, this program will challenge you, prepare you, and give you a competitive advantage by covering a wide range of topics with within the field of communication sciences and disorders, human health and physiology and a better understanding of global disability, culturally and linguistically diverse populations, and best practices in the field.

We created this program specifically to help participants not only grow in the above areas, but also gain field experience in human and health sciences that’s hard to duplicate in the classroom:  You will work in formal and informal settings, and and gain direct experience related to communications disorders and public health.


How:  Students will learn about many of the uniquely different areas of the field, take part in hands-on field exercises, and gain a better understanding of global issues and public health. Our staff will take you through a comprehensive 14 day program designed to show you the best of Thailand in an interactive and immersive field work environment.


Students will also become familiar with international approaches to public health as well as innovative therapy practices across disciplines that address local healthcare issues. Lastly, students will also have the opportunity to explore northern Thailand; participating in fun evening and weekend activities such as visiting an elephant sanctuary, enjoying a Thai cooking class, hiking through the jungle, visiting temples and learning about indigenous communities in the North of Thailand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no prerequisites for this program, and students from any department or major may apply. Spaces for this program are limited and fill up quickly. All applications will be individually evaluated on a rolling basis.

2024 Program Dates TBA
2024 Program Dates TBA

This program is not currently accepting application


Program Details

What: The goals and priorities of this program are co-defined on a needs-basis in partnership with local communities, schools, NGOs, universities, and public and private hospitals. Therapy Abroad students and staff provide essential services such as screening, therapy, referral and/or care to promote awareness of communication disorders and capacity building in the provision of providing services to individuals, organizations, and communities. Students will learn about diverse approaches to teaching and implement methodologies for designing and evaluating learning experiences used in the education of patients/clients, students, colleagues, and the broader community.

The program will challenge participants, staff and local partners to develop your communicative skills in Health and Human Sciences and Global Health and learn to use the necessary tools and structures of the field. 

Students will have group reflections as well as one-on-one time with speech therapists and other health professionals. As part of our commitment to working at the local level, students will also work directly with Thai university students and other local health care professionals.

Collaboration with Thai universities is an incredibly important part of the learning experience for all of our students. Time will also be set aside to learn new concepts, practice communication skills, and learn about Thai culture and history. Students can expect to learn in a variety of settings, develop a broad range of skills as well as gain insight on applying to graduate schools and career opportunities from our staff. Many aspects of the program will be inherently spontaneous or “fluid” and based on the individual skills, background and interests of students, creating what we believe to be the best type of deep learning experience.


Volunteer Hours

Get ahead: We design all of our programs with our students in mind and we know that observing and volunteering are both great ways to learn more about speech-language pathology while building skills. If you are interested in becoming a future SLP, observing and volunteering are essential to providing you with a first-hand experience of the profession and helping you build your case for moving into a CSD program, applying to graduate school, or simply learning more about the field before making any decision. Our program in Thailand is a perfect way to diversify your experience working in different settings to gain volunteer hours.



People-centered: Most Therapy Abroad students choose to fly on one of our organized group flights which depart from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. You will be joined by at least one Therapy Abroad staff member who will help you through international check-in and departure process. On arrival day, all students will be greeted by Therapy Abroad staff at Chiang Mai International Airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and from there you will be driven by private vans to your accommodation. The program is divided into several different parts that are designed to help you get to know a variety of locations throughout Northern Thailand including local universities, public clinics, and private practices; interacting with a range of different care providers at each location and in the home setting. Scattered through the program are several, fun cultural activities that we think you will really enjoy.

On a daily basis, you will learn from your supervisors in small group discussion-style settings, practice new skills and try new techniques, learn hands-on at local clinics and universities, observe and shadow professionals and volunteer with kids who have special needs.

Evenings and weekends will be set aside to explore all that northern Thailand has to offer. Enjoy the city of Chiang Mai and the countryside of Northern Thailand, visit local markets, try new foods and ride in Thailand’s infamous Tuk Tuks through the windy streets of Chiang Mai’s Old City. You’ll enjoy a variety of weekend activities like hiking (or rock climbing), Thai cooking classes and a visit to an elephant sanctuary


Program Life

Our Baan is your Baan: your program will be based in Northern Thailand – an amazing place filled with rich history, excellent food and the friendliest people on the planet. You will set-up home in boutique accommodations with communal areas to relax and hang out, meeting rooms for group discussions or presentations, and comfortable rooms for getting shut-eye. Accommodations have western style amenities.

Every day you will have access to Wi-Fi, fresh drinking water, western style toilets and showers, and laundry services (laundry will be on site or nearby). Meals will be a combination of Thai and Western cuisine consisting of rice, curries, noodles, spicy salads, some fried foods along with fresh vegetables and exotic fruits. We have a 100% guarantee that you will have plenty of amazing food! We can cater to specific dietary needs as long as you let us know ahead of time. In addition to Thailand’s many scenic charms, the warmth and hospitality of the people and culture will make you feel at home (or at baan) in no time!


Free Time

Make it yours: students with Therapy Abroad will find out that we pack a lot of activities into a two-week program, but we will also make sure you have downtime to relax, write in your journal, use the internet, talk to our staff or just explore on your own. Our Staff are a great source of advice and are here to help you make the most of your time abroad. If you have any questions about any opportunities not listed in our program, want to try some new food a friend has told you about or just explore something different, then let us know any time before or during your program and we will do our best to make it happen


Benefits for Students Who Participate in this Program:



Tuition for this program is $3,250 USD not including international airfare. Group airfare from San Francisco or Los Angeles is estimated at $1,100. Therapy Abroad will organize group flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or New York (JFK) as soon as airfares have been published. 


What’s Included

We got you covered: Travel and study abroad is a big investment and our commitment to you is that we will work hard every day to make sure you are going to have the most amazing experience: professional staff, tasty meals and comfortable accommodations, and overall, a well-crafted itinerary full of diverse activities and good people. With the exception of international airfare, our trips are all-inclusive. We won’t try to upsell you on any “additional activities” or “additional optional activities” that aren’t advertised as part of the program. Your tuition covers: All activities. All materials. All meals. All housing. Everything. We want you to arrive and participate fully in the program and take advantage of each learning experience without ever thinking about how much money you are going to spend. More specifically, your program includes:


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