Mosquito repellent is definitely a necessity! And just when you think you sprayed enough you may need more! Although I only received 3 or so bites, my friends received 50+ bites, Yikes! Overall, an amazing trip balanced with fun activities ranging from nights at the market to rock climbing. It was also full of learning and support by the program coordinators and Physical Therapist. I learned more terms related to the PT and OT realm, as well as techniques to use in my field. A large portion of this experience is hands on and involves at times last minute planning, which greatly prepares one for how the workforce actually is. I really enjoyed being able to work with individuals from different backgrounds and the variety of age groups. This is definitely a overseas experience that I would participate in again!

If you did this all over again, what’s one thing you would change?
I would have definitely opened up to my group sooner. They are all amazing individuals who took the group from being already a wonderful experience, to an unforgettable experience.