This trip was amazing! The support that was given from the faculty within my program was appreciated. Being able to go to them when I had questions about my education or even just about life was extremely helpful. This trip helped me learn what it could be like in the daily life of an SLP. Furthermore, this trip allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone professionally. Having the faculty and the graduate students there to guide me was awesome. I felt very supported throughout this entire trip.
Ellen was also amazing! Her knowledge of the country helped me feel extremely safe while there. Whenever I had any questions about the people, culture, and even the food, Ellen was always able to answer. Having someone who is familiar with the country with us the entire time is a definite necessity.
If fundraising starts early for next year, I would definitely come back!

What would you improve about this program?
I would improve the length of the program. Traveling back to campus the day before classes start has left me feeling very tired. I think if it is going to be done over spring break, a 7 day program would be preferred. Other than that, I truly enjoyed the trip!