I came with a custom NYU group. Therapy Abroad worked with us to create dates that matched our school schedule. Once there, the supervisors were excellent! The Therapy Abroad employees were wonderful to work with, and I hope to return on another Therapy Abroad trip in the future. I absolutely loved my experience working with the children. I felt that I gained a lot of important clinical skills, and I strengthed my report writing skills as well. I enjoyed my time on the trip. The hotel acommodations were great. I enjoyed the excursions, and I would highly recommend this trip to others! We went snorkeling, we ate local food, we went out dancing one night, and we went swimming. The Therapy Abroad staff is very responsive to questions, concerns, and suggestions. I do intend to work with them again in the future, whether as a student, team leader, or supervisor at some point. I loved traveling with this organization!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Bring a lot of sunscreen and bug spray! I did, and I avoided sunburn and mosquito bites. Others on my trip got bitten, and it seems the people who got bitten were wearing black the day we went to the Mayan Temples. Wear colors to the temples!