Student & Staff Reviews

Student & staff reviews

Student & Staff Reviews

One of the most important aspects of choosing any program to travel or study with is knowing what other students and staff are saying about the program. Below you will find individual testimonies from our students as well as university professors and professionals, however, if you want to learn more, we would be happy to connect you directly with one of our past students or staff and give you the chance to ask them questions directly. We also want to encourage you to visit other sites for independent reviews of Therapy Abroad from students, university professors, and professionals. For these, please visit Go Overseas or Facebook Reviews. If you would like to talk to one of our students and staff, please email us and provide your contact info and name of your university and we’ll put you in touch

Shannon M., Biola University, Palmdale, CA

“I was working with a boy with low functioning Autism – an experience I’ve never had before. He was keeping to himself and I was just observing him. With the help of amazing staff, I learned how to enter his world, and even more, how to elicit language. It was phenomenal and I feel so lucky to have gotten this experience and learn this at such an early time in my undergrad career.”

Shelby M., The Ohio State University, Wapakoneta, OH

“Therapy Abroad offers me everything I thought I wanted and more. First hand interaction with the community and a variety of experience in skills needed as an SLP combined with fun, once in a lifetime trips and activities make this the perfect trip for an undergraduate.”

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