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Programs designed for Graduate Students


Communication Sciences & Disorders Program

This award-winning two-week program is intended for undergraduate, post-bacc, and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in speech-language pathology (speech therapy), audiology, or a related field. Students will gain hands-on experience, guided observation hours, one-on-one time with SLPs, advanced training, graduate school preparation, and mentorship.

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Communication Sciences & Disorders Program with Spanish Language Immersion

This two-week program is designed for undergraduate, post-bacc, and graduate students who want to learn from professional speech-language pathologists (SLPs), gain hands-on experience, and achieve Spanish language communication skills for SLPs through an immersive language program.

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Graduate Health Sciences Adventure: Speech, Occupational, Physical & Behavioral Therapy

This program is intended for graduate students who want to take a break from the classroom and enhance their skills as clinicians, and their understanding of working collaboratively with other professionals in an interdisciplinary environment.

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Speech-Language Pathology & Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Program

This is a specialized two or four-week program for undergraduate, post-bacc, and graduate students with a focus on providing an opportunity for students to implement sustainable and culturally relevant Speech/Language and AAC interventions that will significantly impact the functional communication of local school-age children.

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Custom University Study Abroad & Faculty-Led Programs

Our custom faculty-led programs will be built from the ground up and will be driven by your goals, values, and learning outcomes. We offer programs that range in length from 7 -45 days and all programs are individually created to foster team building, international exchange, cultural awareness, service, and professional competencies. If you are university faculty looking for the perfect way to build a program please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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