Being a part of the assessment process and contributing to the evaluations given by administering hearing, speech and/or language screenings gave myself a first-hand look at what our career does along with a valuable experience. A shared goal accompanied by true dedication with like-minded people taught me countless lessons about myself, life in general, communication disorders, what it means to be a speech-language pathologist, culture awareness, diversity, BELIZE, etc. And I cannot forget to mention all the friends and bonds I have made during this trip that I will forever cherish. Seeing the profession at all different levels: SLP, SLPA, undergrad student’s, with the professor’s assistance, gave all of us a great insight of how much hard work, dedication, and willingness to exceed expectations is within each of us. Combining the work with fun activities made this trip even better.

This was a one in a life time experience that I will never forget and only solidified the fact that I am in the right and best profession there is!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Experience as much as you can, enjoy yourself, speak up and be open and willing to try all foods, activities, and lessons. I personally kept a journal that included all my notes from meetings, ideas, and a daily journal entry of the day’s activities and my corresponding feelings, which I plan to keep as a memory and a reminder of how much good we do in this profession.