Every graduate SLP degree offers academic classes and clinical practicums, and transitioning to the latter can be a struggle. Our Therapy Abroad trip to Belize provided an incredibly valuable opportunity to ease that transition in an extremely supportive and real-world environment. We performed evaluation and treatment sessions rotating through various supervisors. Our mentors had different styles, so we were able to learn something unique from each of them. We also rotated our small teams of 3 so we could also learn from our peers. We received excellent guidance/feedback during the session prep, the session itself, and the report writing afterward. The supervisors who accompanied us were approachable and experienced. My only suggestion for improvement is to provide students with more prep time before sessions to improve the quality of service we provide to clients.

If you did this all over again, what’s one thing you would change?
I would love to have eaten more Belizean food at the resort we stayed at and perhaps done more hiking/swimming in less touristy spots.