Traveling with Therapy Abroad to Belize for two weeks was an experience I will treasure forever. The hands-on learning was nothing like anything I had done before. We were able to come up with and execute plans for a day camp, and also work with licensed SLPs in the process.

During my trip, we were able to travel to a school and give hearing screens as well as assist in taking speech samples that were used to determine if the students should be recommend for treatment. We also traveled into the community and observed the SLPs giving language screenings to at risk populations who were unable to travel to clinics in town.

On the weekends we were able to do SO many fun and unique things! We went cave tubing (during the hike I held a tarantula!) and zip lining the first weekend. Both were activities I had never done before. I felt completely safe and had an amazing time during both experiences. The last weekend in Belize we traveled to a near by island. This was where we got to go snorkeling!! (With sharks and sting rays!!!) Again, this was an activity I had never done before, and I felt safe and was never pressured. It was definitely a once in a life time opportunity that I will never forget!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I can think of is that I would love to see a little more information about the itinerary of the two weeks sent out slightly more in advanced. (This really was not that big of a deal, I just like to plan).