International Workshops & CEU Opportunities for SLPs

International Workshops & CEU Opportunities for SLPs
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International Workshops & CEU Opportunities for SLPs

Designed for professionals to take a short break from the usual, earn CEUs, and develop new skills that matter. Individuals of any nationality may apply.  Family members of therapists are welcome to join any of our trips or workshops.

Whether you are new to your field, mid-career, or retired, our programs are designed for life-long learners and adventurers to gain valuable cross-cultural competencies, develop cultural humility, cross-cultural communication skills, and professional development facilitation skills. Bring back unique perspectives and practices from abroad that can be incorporated into your practice, as well as skills and knowledge on relevant topics. Meet new people, earn certificates on important topics areas, grow your network, and experience a new country and culture!

We understand that planning for international travel can be a challenge. Our goal is to take the hassle out of international travel. We make each opportunity as easy to join, accessible, and in many cases less expensive than domestic conferences and workshops.  We design our award-winning programs for professionals designed to bridge the information gap, provide professionals with some exciting new opportunities, and create a safe, easy, and valuable way to travel.

We do our absolute best to design workshops that meet the diverse needs of our clients and community partners across the globe. 

Current International Workshop Offerings

Chiang Mai, Thailand: July 16 -July 23, 2022

Cabarete, Dominican Republic: February 4-11, 2023

If you are interested in more information on other programs and future opportunities please contact [email protected]

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